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A club with a difference:

When you have more than five hundred die-hard fans of a club that just opened its door less than a year ago and then you have a list of titles that trend on your facebook and other social media pages to the likes of the king of all gyms and the best gym ever (hash tags et al), you know that you have finally arrived n the scene and there is no better feeling than the feeling you get of helping people realize the most sincerest of their dreams – bodybuilding!

We only specialize:

When we started out about eleven months ago, we were very clear about one thing and that is we would only cater to people who wanted to build their muscles and strength train. We thought we'd rather be the king of one than jack of all. We faced stiff resistance from all the corners. Our promoters, the management itself and we also ran into dissent among the founders who wanted to cater generally across the field.

In the hindsight, the strategy has worked out for us wonderfully well because in less than a year's time we have already grabbed three awards for being the most sought after bodybuilding club in the state and two other awards for client and trainer satisfaction. We are elated to say the least.

But, we have a long-long way to go:

We have charted our course and we have only just begun. We have trails for a successful companionship with our clients and hope to give them the best exposure for them to make a mark in this field.